Carol Oshana has evicted two tenants for us in the past 6 months. She is determined and efficient and took very good care of us! In addition to her becoming our eviction lawyer, she spread her great knowledge of real estate law and taught us how to protect ourselves, as landlords, in both major and minor situations. She is caring and professional every step of the way. We will definitely use Carol Oshana again, if needed, and would highly recommend her to other landlords.
Hadeel Shabib, Chicago
A heart felt thank you to Carol Oshana for sticking with me for over a year to find justice against a landlord who took advantage of his tenant! We won the case through settlement!! Carol was awesome through this process and always reassured me that we were in the right – even though I was extremely nervous to enter a court room. She’s detail oriented, always listened to my concerns, and is one tough woman in the court room. You can tell she loves what she does and she’s damn good at it!! Thank you again Carol!!
K. Ramos, Chicago